Why do I need to bring a translator to Turkish Consulate?

The official language for the Turkish Republic is Turkish and only Turkish. Therefore, all documents issued by the Turkish Consulate are in Turkish. All power of attorney documents are in Turkish language.

In each Power of Attorney application process at the Turkish Consulate, there two parties: the first party is the Turkish Consulate officer who acts as a Turkish Notary Public and the second party is YOU. If you cannot read, understand and verbally respond to the Turkish Consulate officer’s questions, you have to bring a Turkish <-> English translator with you to the Turkish Consulate.

If you speak so-so Turkish, you have to bring a Turkish <-> English translator with you. A power of attorney document includes sensitive information. If you are NOT able to read and understand the power of attorney text, you have to bring a translator with you.

What do I need to bring for my general power of attorney application to the Turkish Consulate?

    • Your Identification

      If you are a Turkish Citizen, you have to bring your Turkish ID. If you are NOT a Turkish Citizen, you have to bring a valid passport.
    • Your Photos

      2 photos for each POA application. Acceptable size is 2 inches by 2 inches.

Your Turkish ID (nüfus cüzdanı/hüviyet) has to have a Turkish ID number. If your ID does NOT have a Turkish Identification number, please inquire us.

    • Your Agent’s Information

      Your agent’s information including his/her first and last name, his/her Turkish ID no if s/he is a Turkish citizen, his/her passport number, birth date and place, nationality if s/he is not a Turkish citizen, his/her bar number and bar location if s/he is an attorney.
    • Turkish Consulate Processing Fee

      $100 cash for each POA application. The Consulate fee is calculated at the Turkish Consulate and the Consulate fee is payable in cash only. Most POA’s cost between $50-$80.

We recommend you to bring a copy of your agent’s Turkish ID if your agent is a Turkish citizen; a copy of his/her passport if your agent is NOT a Turkish citizen.

    • A Turkish <-> English Translator

      Your translator must be a Turkish citizen. We offer Turkish <-> English translator services for non-Turkish speakers.

      Contact ABC Link Translations for a complimentary document review for your power of attorney application.

For more information about Power of Attorney applications, please contact the Turkish Consulate, Los Angeles.

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